Monday, September 10, 2007

Gaming With Time ...

This is something which happened to me, a couple of days back, while I was commuting my way back to home via the BEST bus. I got hold of the bus at the stop from where I usually get into it - the Vashi Bus Depot. Well, I can catch the bus at the Vashi Plaza Bus Stop as well, but then in want for a seat, I walk up to the depot.

That day, I was very tired, and I didn't get the seat, nothing to worry about, and so, I was commuting standing within the bus. Soon after sometime, wherever I was standing, the bus conductor asked me to inform a small boy seated three seats ahead of me, to keep his hands within the window of the bus. I did it and so did the boy, take his hands in.

And after a few seconds, I got a seat. Still nothing special. After a few stops from that current location, a couple - senior citizens, in fact, got into the bus, and as they approached my seat to stand besides it, I noticed them. I could offer my seat, and so did I. The old female sat onto the seat, I was seated on. And I was standing again. After sometime, yet another seat besides where I was standing got vacated, and I was able to catch hold of it. And so, I sat again.

But the older male was still standing, and this was the time when there was heavy traffic amongst the neurons within my brain, and might have ended up in numerous collisions, as well. This traffic was very fast, and turbulent enough while deciding whether I should give this seat as well, to the other half of the couple to sit and get in the comfort zone, or should I not think about him, and be seated and relish my seat. Believe me, I was thinking about the very thing, for about three to four minutes, or so.

And then, when the bus was moving along it's way, the old male wasn't able to balance himself standing alongside, and was wandering towards swinging his pale body, as the pendulum would do along the clock. I had no more thoughts then, and offered the seat to the other half. And also, by the time the older male would reach up to my seat, there was a young gentleman standing besides, who immediately jumped in, in want for the same seat. I had to stop him and inform that I was volunteering my seat to the older male.

So, I was left standing again. After a few minutes, I got yet another seat. And I was then wondering as to what an instance it's been, since, just a few minutes back, to the then present tick of the hour. As soon as, I got myself comfortably seated, it reminded me of what I had concluded earlier, at this post. And so, I spent that evening having seated on three different seats of the same bus within a span of say 30 minutes or so.

It's really good to see things happening good, when you do good, and you desperately want it, and you get it. I know the fact that it's not the case with everyone, but then I feel everyone gets what one desires only at the appropriate time, and not before it, and not after it. It's all about what-we-do, which results in what-we-get.

This is some game being played by time as our dominating opponent, and we should not be fighting against it to win, as because there can not be any result to the game. It's just about how close we are towards our win, and so, we need to do the 'good' things, to get the 'good' thing. Defining what's good is solely within our hands.

There are numerous times when we play our game with time, and every time, it's merely our compounded possibility, towards the win, that shall keep us going.