Sunday, March 11, 2007

Life's Proceedings ...

Today's day had a great charm for me. It started up by being late for Viva-cum-Interview held at the campus, which was fine with me, I somehow managed to reach there at my turn.

And then came up an event for which I was waiting for almost two days. It all so happened that a very good friend of mine (not that very good, but yes, a good and a reliable one for sure!) had called me up a couple of days back, and asked me to be at the Rang Sharda Auditorium at Bandra.

I wasn't informed as to what was going to happen there, but as she insisted me to be there, I couldn't resist it. The day was a good one, which indeed brought in a different or rather I should say, made me think in a lateral manner for a while. It had a good crowd of around nine hundred youngsters, yes youngsters, within whom I was one of them. It was pleasant to be amongst them.

I had noticed a couple of things there. One, people worship those who create fortunes for them, I don't understand why? But they do worship them. Two, the hoard of youngsters is moving towards a scenario where-in money shall be the ultimate goal and not knowledge or anything else. Three, opportunities in today's world are plenty, and I mean it. Many more thoughts on it, but I feel, am not able to put them up, right now.

I've in fact, lost yet another opportunity in my life but if I would have grabbed it up, it would have definitely changed the way things are around me, but then I've now realized that not every opportunity knocked at your door is meant for you, and even if it is, then it has come to you quite early, and you shall only have to respond to it at the right time, and that time shall definitely come very soon.

To be very honest enough, I certainly have a few regrets in regards to opportunities that I've knowingly not grabbed up, but then I do have in mind that Life is beautiful, and its beauty is still awaiting me. The best in life is awaiting me, to grab up, and that day and time shall be mine.

And yet another reason as to why I am not feeling low is a very good one for me, for sure. As I moved away from the Auditorium in the evening, I went towards the Bandra Bus Stop and at the BEST canteen there, I grabbed a couple of wada-pavs, to satisfy my hunger.

And then, an old man, who was in torn-out clothes, very dusty and dark, his face seemed as if he was really upset with things around him, his expressions said that he was not very much satisfied about it, and he came up to me and said, "Mere liyeh ek chai le lo". I asked what? He said, "Ek chai".

Since, as I was really dejected as per the set of events throughout the day; my very first reaction was not at all good, and I really feel bad about it. But then, I just forgot my state of mind, and asked the person at the other side of the counter, to offer him whatever he had asked for. The old man grabbed up his cup of tea and I could see his happiness in his smile.

I asked him as to why was he not working for himself such that he could afford it all alone, he very honestly said, "mere liyeh koi kaam nahin hai"; "there is no work for me".

I was really upset about it as I simply couldn't do anything for him; but was somewhere or the other, glad about it that I could get him - not much - but a cup of tea, as to when he felt like having it.

I was wondering as to did he have ever any opportunities in his life? If yes, then did he not grab them or had he been on the wrong track? I don't know as to whether he could really make something good, even if he would be given with an opportunity? I just don't know anything about it!

But this is what is happening in life, I could see some millionaires today with loads of opportunities, and also those who don't have any opportunities, today in their lives.

Life is really beautiful, its just that I have to learn to keep my state of mind not to affect it from any other thing, if this would have been the case, I would have reacted it the first time, in a very good manner.

Also, I did make that very good friend of mine feel low as well, as to she was really concerned about me missing an opportunity. She remembered me, bothered to show care for me, had faith in me, and believed that I could do something good, but then I couldn't do anything for her. I am really SORRY for her, and THANKFUL as well for the care and concern.

I hope to do something good ahead, and keep up her words. I hope to learn about utilizing opportunities. I hope to learn to keep my state of mind within my mind. Alas, I hope to desperately do all that I hope and I will.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Free Hugs ...

I am really refreshed and delighted now, as to after watching a video at youtube. Its about a "free hugs" campaign. I will not embed the video here but one can surely check it out at youtube.

Its a novel concept and had received a lot of response from around the world. But India lacked behind and the most important point here is not to go about saying as to why we lacked behind, but is just to say that in our daily lives, we should not stop ourselves from delivering a hug to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Reminds me of Munna Bhai's Jaddo ki Jhappi.

A lot more on the campaign as in the history of the campaign, worldwide responses, publicity etc.. can be found here.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Respect Demystified ...

Respect is something which varies from cultures to cultures, which varies from the environment I've been in and the environment in which the other has been, which is either biased or unbiased, which has got varied connotations in diverse situations.

A very small incident which was in fact not more than a few seconds to last, left an impression on me. Today, as the lecture was being conducted, one of my friend's pen had fell on to the floor. He then slightly moved his leg, towards where the pen had fallen, and then brought the pen to a place closer to his body. Following which he had bent his body, towards the pen to grab it up.

After which, he touched the pen to his forehead. As far as I know, we generally touch certain things which had fallen to our feet - but deserved respect, so in order to give it back its respect, we touch it back to our forehead.

I was shocked to see it, just because, not to bear the pain for his body, he disrespected it by touching it with his leg, and then gave it back its respect by touching it to his forehead. And then this is what I do in my daily life, I hurt someone and then say "sorry".

We respect someone for many reasons - the faith we have in one, the approach which one takes, the role which one plays and many more. But as far as I feel, we don't have the right to first disrespect anyone or say anything, and then respect it.

I need to realize that I should not be providing one with the medication, but in fact, should support one, as to avoid such a scenario. I need to understand that for giving respect, I don't have to make the other person deprive of it, and then re-enforce it back in to him/her.

I need to very well realize that respect can't be attained at the cost of disrespect; but can only be attained by giving respect.
Wake up Ankit! Wake up!

Its not your friend's fault; its his actions that wanted to convey the message to you, and yes, as far as your friend is concerned, he shall definitely realize the same, some day or the other!