Thursday, March 01, 2007

Respect Demystified ...

Respect is something which varies from cultures to cultures, which varies from the environment I've been in and the environment in which the other has been, which is either biased or unbiased, which has got varied connotations in diverse situations.

A very small incident which was in fact not more than a few seconds to last, left an impression on me. Today, as the lecture was being conducted, one of my friend's pen had fell on to the floor. He then slightly moved his leg, towards where the pen had fallen, and then brought the pen to a place closer to his body. Following which he had bent his body, towards the pen to grab it up.

After which, he touched the pen to his forehead. As far as I know, we generally touch certain things which had fallen to our feet - but deserved respect, so in order to give it back its respect, we touch it back to our forehead.

I was shocked to see it, just because, not to bear the pain for his body, he disrespected it by touching it with his leg, and then gave it back its respect by touching it to his forehead. And then this is what I do in my daily life, I hurt someone and then say "sorry".

We respect someone for many reasons - the faith we have in one, the approach which one takes, the role which one plays and many more. But as far as I feel, we don't have the right to first disrespect anyone or say anything, and then respect it.

I need to realize that I should not be providing one with the medication, but in fact, should support one, as to avoid such a scenario. I need to understand that for giving respect, I don't have to make the other person deprive of it, and then re-enforce it back in to him/her.

I need to very well realize that respect can't be attained at the cost of disrespect; but can only be attained by giving respect.
Wake up Ankit! Wake up!

Its not your friend's fault; its his actions that wanted to convey the message to you, and yes, as far as your friend is concerned, he shall definitely realize the same, some day or the other!


kiran said...

well said,Only by giving respect we can gain respect.

Ankit Dangi said...

Thanks! :-)