Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Preserve Words ...

This is one such incident which had found its way in the newspaper "The Times of India", I hope I am able to recall it the way it was.

One day, a man abused Buddha. Buddha listened to each and every word in silence. When the man finished, Buddha asks him "Son, If a man declines to accept a present offered to him, to whom will it belong?".

The man replied, "to the person who offered it".

Then buddha smiled and said, "I refuse to accept your abuse, please keep it for yourself".

We need to preserve our words for the good, rather than for misusing them. We need to realize the fact that every word said, and moreover the way it is said, can make a lot of difference - it can make an individual tense, it can make an individual feel upset, and even more than what I can say.

But we have to make sure that it does bring a smile on one's face, without hurting the other. We need to present others with what we feel - the other person deserves, keeping in mind that it can be meant for us as well.

We don't do things intentionally, but then it does happen, and we are not left with any other choice, other than to apologize, its good to accept our mistakes, but then we are not supposed to repeat it time and again. We need to realize that our mistakes are never repeated, in fact, they are those from whom we learn, we learn to live ahead, we learn to make our surrounding pleasant, we learn to make things beautiful, just because that our life is beautiful!

A nail once hammered on any piece of wood, can definitely hang on many things, but when the burden on the nail increases, it just falls off, and then, the wood is left all alone, alone with the pierce which the nail had offered it.

It is the same case with our life as well, we say something which hurts one, and we keep saying it, but we never realize or we can never quantify as to the amount of pain which we had offered the other person, and other person is left with it and ... I don't know what? but something is for sure!

I can recall a yet another incident from a recent bollywood movie, "Guru". There is a scenario in the movie where the actor is convicted with many crimes for violating the laws, and he doesn't utter a word, but when the final hearing is being done, he speaks up, and says, "Main toh baniyaan hoon, awaaz aaj ke liyeh bacha rakhi thi".

I know that this incident doesn't make much sense, but it does convey that we need to preserve our words, preserve it for the good, preserve it for the best, preserve it till its need is felt the utmost, and alas, preserve it till we need to preserve.


kiran said...

Hey Ankit,

This is kiran here,I also think in the same manner.Word is like a arrow there is only one is upto us whether to focus the arrow on positive OR negative direction.

Ankit Dangi said...

Yep, that's true. The perspective we choose to perceive things defines our direction.