Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wonders ...

Wonders have always surrounded me every now and then. A very small wonder has taken place with me which might infact not be a wonder at all, but this is the way how I am now able to perceive myself and its quite a bit ambiguous as to what and why am I feeling so?

Had called up a very good friend of mine who was at the other end of the communicating device which was more than 500 kms. away from where I am. He was feeling good as when I called him up, just because of the fact he had remembered me an hour ago we started the conversation, (which did long for more than 70 minutes) and believe me I had no plans to talk to him, but any how my fingers touched the key pad of my friend's mobile and I managed to call him up.

Its been a very trivial one, and it was that I got to speak to many of the old friends - thanks, to the loud speakers and conference facilities - and everyone started sharing their problems which they have been facing since a very long time, at least since I've last met them. The fact was that their personal problems started flowing in and despite of being together amongst each other, no one was ever able to know what the other had been feeling and why?

It was accidentally that my call had brought every one of them very close to each other and believe me their tears started rolling out. I could hear the silence speaking aloud. I could hear what everyone was about to say even without they could have said it.

Everyone has been facing family problems - majorily of which is driven by finance - and others losing their morale. I could hardly do anything for those dealing with the finance problems, when I myself have been in to it and still in.

But yes, as far as the morale is concerned I'm now feeling a lot low and have lost myself in a larger sense. I just do not know as to what should I be doing? and more importantly even if I know, I don't know how to do it?

This state of my mind has been very rightly pointed out by my friend.

He said me, "Ankit, the problem with is you that you belong to a different class of people, the class which knows the problem, states it and immediately gets the solution", he named it saying that they belong to "the confused class of people".

He was very true and the wonder still continues that despite of me being far away from everyone, I had been able to let open-up others, let them bring out the deeper problems rather than the false smiles which we've been carrying for a long time.

I really need a "Jaddoo ki Jhappi" now, but have to stay without it!!

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