Monday, February 19, 2007

Opportunity Missed ...

In the midst of life we often tend to forget many-a-times to thank people who have often shown concern for us, the people who have helped us, the people who have supported us, the people who have always stood besides us, the people who have taught us, the people who pave our way for success, the people who've caught our little finger and taught us to walk, the people who care for us and this list can never end ...

Its just a small incident which I would like to share. Today, in the evening as I was approaching from a door to the other, at our campus lobby, a faculty of mine was leading my way. She was probably thirsty and moving towards the cafeteria to have a couple of glasses full of water to quench her thirst, but for her hard luck, she was not able to find any glass which was unused!

The moment she realized that I was along the same way - she was. She expressed a moment of concern and gratitude, and left the door half opened such that I could follow up quickly and would have to put-in less pain while re-opening it.

It was my responsibility to thank her for the respect which she gave me as belonging to the same religion of humanity. And believe me, it did click my mind as well, but I don't know as to why was I not able to express her the same. I've definitely left her an off-line scrap, but I doubt as to whether it was the right way to thank her?

I believe, I have to realize the fact that my words of just saying her "thank you, ma'am" would have kept her doing the same with others, ahead in her life as well.

I've missed this opportunity for sure, but have to keep in mind as to not hesitate next time in future. Probably, thats why people say, "A smile in gratitude or a few words said make a difference!"


Peeyush said...

Nice narration :)

It starts from home. The first thing someone takes for granted would be his/her family. Though we are human and supposedly most intelligent of earth species, we fail to understand need to express with in ourselves. My understanding is that one should not fail to say 'thanks', 'care for you' and 'love you' at home to start with.

Start from home and it will transform into a habit.

Ankit Dangi said...

Thank you Peeyush for the narration, and also to bring yet another aspect for thanking one, the one in regard to our family and to ourself.

I'll try my best to habituate it!

Aparna said...

:-)...your scrap was very well appreciated! It was a very nice gesture on your part - as I said, I did not even remember the incident :-).

I have never visited your blog before - today my friend Peeyush asked me if it was me who was being referred to in this post and that is how I happen to read it! You have some good writings here!

Thanks for the nice blog and 'Welcome' for your 'Thanks' :-)

- Aparna.

Ankit Dangi said...

I am really shocked to view your comment, as I never ever thought this blog of mine, would be read by you.

Also, how did Peeyush know as to, you were referred here? I've not even specified your name. A mystery for me, for sure!

But, one thing is for sure, I've now got the opportunity to say, "thank you ma'am!" for the other day, and now for the comments that you've written here, for the blog ;-)

Also, Peeyush, thanks a tonne, despite of your comment a couple of days back, you still remember it!

Aparna said...

:-), well Peeyush will answer it best! I asked him the same question too, as to how he guessed it was me when there was no name given and the answer he gave me was 'I don't know but I always had your picture in mind as I read this blog' :-).

With this reply I hope the mystery has demystified a little bit for you!

Ankit Dangi said...

;-), I don't have any other thing to say apart from GREAT!

But yes, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, I've to reach there, to find it out :-)