Friday, February 09, 2007

Embarrassing Scenarios ...

Getting myself involved into various discussions, especially with people whom you hardly know, people whom you've just met, people before whom you don't want to be wrong, people before whom you are just the way you are, brings a certain aspect to my mind which describes me to just be calm at such situations.

I know its very strange to say this; but it has often happened to me. Its just that I've realized many-a-times, while I've been in a discussion and when I'm leading it, I go on and on and after some time I've realized that "No, I am wrong! and I now have to get back without any one noticing it!"

Its very difficult to be normal and stay calm at such situations, because the discussions have been crucial and I really wonder as to how could I get things back to normal such that people who have been listening or rather arguing with me, don't give me a smash at my back and say "See, we told you that you will be going wrong!"

Probably, some of the embarrassing situations which I've gone through, but its really been pleasing to be in such a scenario, as it is when I have to accept that "Yes, I was wrong" and without which I would be in a dreadful world. Embarrassing scenarios are also our best teachers, this is what I've discovered over sometime.

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