Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wanting ... but for what ??

The human mind is full of desires; we realize the value of what we do not have and we hardly tend to realize the value of what we have.

Its just the essence in life which makes us so obsessive that we are always hungry; hungry for food, hungry for wealth, hungry for happiness, hungry for love, hungry for faith, hungry for belief, hungry for glories, hungry for fame and hungry for what not?

Why do we need to request the lord (or say anyone) for what we want? Why is it that we can't just get what we want? Is it because a balance has to be maintained!

Oh gosh, balance for what?

Balance, between the truth and falsity, between the good and the evil, between faith and skepticism, between love and hate ... ??

I do believe, that yes, the balance should exist, but I doubt whether this balance shall lead us somewhere or nowhere!

We all need some faith and belief in ourselves, we all want to be what we really are, we don't want to show the world that we are the way we are; its just that we are not recognized, the way we are.

We want more - the world says give me more and yeh dil maangey more - and more. But first, it is the fact, that whatever more is given should be accepted and if not, it should at the least be acknowledged either to take us in the right direction or to take us away without which we are left hopeless and we really are in a mess as to where should we head towards and the more importantly, how?

Not knowing the way to have belief-in-myself, my Gmail Status today says that "Certain things come into our life, which we never wanted; and those which we want, never ever turn up for us."

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