Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Salt or Pepper ...

Off late being at restaurants has now become a routine or a trend. Its major concern has been for having one's hunger fulfilled, but thanks to the variety of dishes that one can have, it has now become an arena for celebrations. Sometime or the other millions of people, all round the globe spend a considerable amount of time at either the coffee shops or the restaurants.

You can find one relishing food, celebrating with others, having a discussion, casual meetings, business deals and lots more being done at such places. And the best and only everlasting partnership which I've noticed is of the Salt and the Pepper.

These are two very good friends who are always together at every place. Both of them being very opposite in nature, the former acts as a flavour enhancer to your food, and the latter spices up your food. One is silent, and the other can make you violent, not really violent, but I've read somewhere that having spicy food, makes one aggressive.

What taste does life have? Is it salty or spicy? What balance are we tending to have in our lives? Can the same partnership persist in our lives as well? I just don't know.

All I know is that we can certainly nourish our life by adding a pinch of salt, we can enjoy the taste we want, if we want to see ourselves smiling, then we have to make others smile as well.
If we want others to be around us while we are upset, then we have to realize that even we have to be around them.

Its not about give or take; rather its all about having a sharing and caring attitude towards life. People do ask me as to how can they be calm at the worst of situations, and I usually say, "Take good care, everything shall be fine."

Its just that a few words which we share makes a difference to others lives, its about adding the right quantity of salt to it. You add more, you regret and if you add less, you don't enjoy the flavour you expect from life.

Moreover, we all want our lives to be fun filled, exciting, spicy and so we also want to add a pinch of pepper to it. But we tend to miss out the fact that mere excitement in our lives can not bring the kind of spiciness we desire.

A balance of both the salt and the pepper can only bridge the gap between what we want and how much we want. The more tasty you want your life to be, the more caring you have to be, and the more spicy you want your life to be, the more sharing you have to be.

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