Wednesday, May 23, 2007

God Pinged Me ...

Today, I've received a mail from a friend of mine, Rishi. The mail which he usually sends are mere forwards comprising of flashy images, but today, am wondering as to how did he send me such a mail which has a lot of essence in it. I thank him for doing so.

The mail is essentially a chat conversation between the 'God' and the unknown 'Me'. It starts with God having pinged me on hearing my prayers that I offer him daily and gradually starts discussing my problems and gives me motivational solutions to re-solve them.

He also says that problems are merely Purposeful Roadblocks Offering Beneficial Lessons to Enhance Mental Strength.

One should definitely read the conversation, no matter even if you are an atheist; as just because it doesn't have anything in relation to spiritualism rather comprises of meaningful thoughts which "someone" would like to share with all of us.

You can have a glance at it, at my LiveJournal.


meghan said...

hey ankit...thanks for all the praise that u bestowed on me :)

Ankit Dangi said...

Well meghan, I had no intentions to praise you for sure. ;-)

It just happened incidentally and I wrote what I felt like, after going through it and nothing more than that.

Take good care!

kiran said...

I have no words to say....that how beautifully its being described.I felt as if I am having a conversation with God.

Thanks to U & the one who had taken an initiative of sharing such a superlative chat.


Ankit Dangi said...

Don't thank me, in fact, thank the one who would have penned it down. Good use, of thoughts with pens. Take good care, buddy!