Friday, June 22, 2007

Taking Up Responsibilities ...

This is an incident which I can recall from one of my books, which I had read in my school days.

Once an Indian was travelling in a train, at Japan. And there were of course many other people as well; with the Indian. As the Indian was about to take his seat, he noticed that the train's seat was a bit pierced and torn out at some places. He did nothing and while neglecting it, he just sat besides that torn seat.

All this was being noticed by a Japanese who was seated besides the Indian, and to whom the seat's poor condition was unnoticed while he was about to take one; the poor condition of the seat was unknown to him as well. But as soon as he came to know about it, he took a needle and some thread, out of his bag. Upon which the Japanese started sewing the torn part, of the seat.

The Indian who was watching the Japanese, was quite a lot astonished and amazed. Out of curiosity, he asked the Japanese, "What and why are you doing it?"

The reply which the Japanese gave was, "I'm sewing this seat which has been torn-ed out, just because it's my country's privilege and pride of honour, which takes people from places to places. If I don't do this, then it shall be a sense of shamefulness to my country. Moreover, its my responsibility that I take care of my very own nation's belongings and property as if they were mine; after all I pay the taxes, and that is my money."

The Indian was all shocked to hear this, and was wondering that if it would have been India, people would have been tearing it up more and enjoying it; they would also be commenting on the system and government, and do nothing else.

I had learnt that I need to realize my responsibilities to the fullest extent. I as a citizen of this nation, along with many others, are paying our money to the government and hence we need to take utmost care of it.

Even if I were a non-tax payer, I had to realize that someone else is doing that for me. I'm in fact indebted to him/her. I need to take up the work and do the best I can. I'll have to always remember that my nation's respect and pride is my respect, my pride and that is what I as an Indian, is proud of.


Anonymous said...

Waoww! Thats really thought provoking!

many a times we forget our own responsibilities as a citizen and expect others to be responsible... you are right in saying that in our countries pride lies our pride!!

Ankit Dangi said...

Thank you again Veena.

Yes, not only we forget our responsibilities, despite knowing them, we ignore them saying, "It isn't my job!". We need to learn to take up these responsibilities on our shoulders. If not we, at least I need.