Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fearless Females ...

Very few females whom I personally know are bold and have the courage, and moreover are quick enough to respond to their surroundings. I've got a good circle of friends - both male and female, but female friends of mine aren't that bold and responsive by nature. Some of them indeed are a lot bold, and don't really care of their surroundings, but the rest are quite passive in nature and shy.

Today, I was at Kharghar station at around 15:40 hrs or so. I was there to catch a train to Vashi from where I had to pick my friend and we had to goto Chembur. The expected time for the train was 16:00 hrs. I was quite a bit early. As soon as I climbed up the stairs to reach at the platform; at the start we usually notice the female compartment of the train to appear, and I was, as usual, walking a bit more, and since I was early, caught hold of an empty seat, and was merely awaiting the train to appear.

In the meanwhile, I had noticed a good looking girl who was well dressed up. She seemed to be a college going girl. She was seated all alone at the other bench. Within some while, many youngsters turned up, who seemed to be a bit more of less educated, those who would enjoy a lot, and have fun everywhere. They would have been around 10-12, in number, or so. They came near the bench I was sitting, and then started those sick activities, which I would not prefer, such as shouting aloud at the station, speaking up of bad words in loud etc.

One of them, who was in yellow with brown jackets went up to that girl, and started some conversation. The reaction on the girl's face seemed to be of uneasy-ness, and she didn't seem to be comfortable with the person who was talking to her. All of a sudden, all these guys who were sitting besides me, started staring at the girl or probably at what the boy would be doing, I can't really say on it. One of these guys, soon reacted and said, "Stop staring guys, he may himself get into trouble, and shall make us a part as well". He had said it in Hindi. So, everyone followed his words.

But when the girl was watching this side, all of these guys were indeed staring at her. I felt something suspicious, and got up from my seat, and started standing besides the railway tracks. The girl's level of uneasy-ness was certainly seeming to increase, and the guy kept on teasing the girl, I believe.

I noticed the girl getting away from the place, and started moving away for a while, and then I was noticing her go up to the Police officer's desk at the station. My focus was on the girl and the police man, who after listening to her, was accompanying her back. As they had reached back, where the entire incident was happening, the guy seemed no longer to exist in the entire place. Believe me, I had looked almost everywhere, and so were the police men looking for him. But he just, I should say, vanished away.

The girl then brought the police men up to these guys, and these guys just claimed that they didn't know the other person at all. But she was insisting that they knew him, and could help locate him. So, the police men just took away a few cellphones and their wallets, such that they could speak out the truth, and so, these guys started following the police men in order to get their belongings back.

The train soon turned up, and everyone got into the train, and soon nothing was visible at the station. But the way, the girl showed her boldness and resilience against the group of guys, and especially that guy who was in fact eve-teasing her, was simply great. One of the few girls whom I've seen who are so bold, and who respond so quickly in less time, such that she didn't even fear to go up to the police men and seek for some support. I've noticed, people usually don't go up to the police, fearing, I don't know what.

This reminded me of an year old incident. It was towards the end of my graduation, and I was travelling in the city buses of Delhi, from my college to my home. On the way, at one of the major stops, Laxmi Nagar, a guy got into the bus, and since it was a blue line bus, the guy claimed to be a member of the bus staff, and they are usually paid 10 rupees or so, whenever the bus crosses that spot. There are many and in fact many such spots in Delhi, where at major bus locations, the bus conductors usually pay some amount to some person, who is the member of the staff.

So, there was a girl standing near the second next seat from the conductor's seat. This very guy, who was the member of the staff, had touched the girl at near her hips, and said "चल, परे हट!" which means, "Just get away!". This girl seemed to be a college going girl. The girl was so quick that she instantly caught hold of the guy's hands, even before he could move a few steps, and just slapped him hard, not once, in fact thrice. (तीन चांटे कस कर मारे.)

The guy claimed to the girl that she didn't know who he was, and was showing all his powers and contacts which he could show her. The bus conductor and other people were insisting him to get down the bus, and just move away. But before he could move away, the girl said that "Who ever you are, even you don't know who I am. So, just do, whatever you want to do, and then see as to what I can do."

That was the first time in my life, where I had seen such a brave girl, at Delhi. She was so quick, bold, no fear of anything, simply anything. And today, I could see the same thing at this very girl at Kharghar. Both of these girls, showed similar traits.

These are the kind of females whom I would really admire, for not being fearful and being fearless as to no matter what the circumstances be, for being brave enough, for showing their non-acceptance of what they don't like, and simply don't like.

No matter what and who the other person is, one shouldn't be accepting whatever just comes in. One shouldn't fear of the number of people supporting the culprit, but should in fact take wise decisions. Brave females such as these are just great, and what I can do is nothing but, pay my bows to them.

[BOWS down in honour, and respect.]


ipchuk said...

Truly a bold action especially from a girl, though the reality is rather different. In fact, what about all the other cases where such 'bravery' was shown on a girl's part and yet there was no police or strong-willed civilians to help?
What happens next is left to Fate and movies.
And what the girl does is due to her awareness of her basic rights because she knows that it's a public place and she'll inevitably attract help from people around.
True, she's fearless but I know what she'll be thinking next - what if next time I'm alone with no prospect of help?
Even fearlessness cannot prevail over simple, raw, truly bad fortune.

Ankit Dangi said...

In such cases, I don't think there is anything that can be done, either by us or by the female herself.

The aspect which I wanted to show up here was that many other females, despite being at public places with people around them, hesitate to speak up, but she DIDN'T, and that was appreciable.

And yeah, I can't really say as to what would she have been thinking next!

Also, as far as "simple, raw, 'truly', bad fortune" is concerned, forget even fearlessness, is there anything that can prevail? I really doubt.

ankita-cdac said...

i am quite influenced by her attitude, at the same time the way u describe it.

Ankit Dangi said...

On my behalf, I can certainly thank you, but can't say anything on hers. By the way, I would be glad to know something about you, if you feel comfortable?

महेन said...

30 years in Delhi and I haven't seen an incident myself... Delhi is just too unsafe for girls I know, but I also know such girls exist.
What girls don't realize is tht help is at their disposal just everywhere... Ppl r always their to help girls in trouble, so much that even if there's no real problem, they make it sound like a problem so tht they can help "the dame in distress."

Ankit Dangi said...

@ Mahen,
Yes, people are always there to help, but as far as I've seen girls in India, they fear that if they speak out, their name might be spoilt and stuff like that. They feel a lot embarrassed, and aren't much willing to share them across to unknown people, even if they're ready to help.

Also, the hesitation factor is also always there.

Melva said...

This is great info to know.