Friday, April 18, 2008

Child Manages...

Yesterday, I was commuting from Juhu to Kharghar, using the local trains of Mumbai. We don't have a direct train, and hence had to change multiple trains, on the way. I was trying to keep myself engaged by reading a book. At some station or so, a lady boarded the train, and was approaching near the seat, which was pre-occupied by me.

As she was nearing, the man next to me, got up, and offered his seat to the lady. I liked the man's gesture of offering his seat to the lady; it indeed is the helpful nature of the Mumbaikars, that I get to witness quite often. An interesting thing, is that, he did it quite calmly, without even bothering me, as I was engaged in reading the book.

Also, when I got to notice that she had a kid in our arms. For a moment, I felt like offering my seat to the man, who just got up, but the next moment, I felt like reading the book. I was so selfish that I kept my wishes before everything else. But, as I was reading the book, the kid started touching it, probably the kid liked it!

I got myself engaged with playing with the kid, and offering my book to him, to cherish some time. But, some time later, the kid started taking the book into his mouth, and that is where I had to steal the book from his eyes, and keep it appropriately in my bag. As soon as, I did this, the next moment, I was reminded that I should now be offering my seat to the man (who got up); as I was no longer reading the book. I repeated the man's gesture, back to him. Good things do come back to us; what we do, is what we get - this is what probably, has happened to that man.

I feel, this is what the lord wanted me to do. He/she found his/her own way out, to get things done by me. Probably, he/she wanted the man, and the lady to have the seats, and make me realize that I shouldn't get lost in anything, at any point of time, such that I even forget the environment. After all, it is the environment that tries to bridge multiple gaps between me, and society, I'm associated with.

And yeah, as I've heard from my elders - "Bachchein toh bhagwaan ka roop hotey hain!" (Children, are lords in disguise!) - is probably true, because, it was the child who played the entire role of getting things done. The child was a good manager for sure. :) Managed everything so quietly, and calmly, that no one even got a hint, of the things happening around.


kiran said...

Truely............Kids are like morning blossom(very innocent) they can turn a dull day to the bright one.

Keep Posting...Its so nice that U share all ur beautiful experiences.

Kiran S.

parwana said...

Man! I could sniff hollywood movie theme material in this.