Sunday, April 06, 2008


Yesterday, I had been to the Tata NCPA's Experimental Theatre for watching a play, but I shall not write about the play, in this post; shall keep it for some other post, some other day. Here, I would like to describe an incident which just happened. After watching the play, my friend and I, had been for the dinner, and then we moved to the Victoria Terminus, to catch our train back to Kharghar.

At the terminus, while my friend was taking the tickets, I stood besides him, merely to give him a company. He was in a queue. But, as we moved towards the ticket counter, there was an old man, who seemed to be poor, was in the queue too, and was at least four men ahead of us, in the queue. He couldn't take the tickets, as he wanted to goto Thane, and was not having enough money to buy himself a ticket. He was dressed in muddy white clothes, with a similar bag or so.

My friend had noticed him, but didn't react on it. And then, the man came towards me, and asked for some money. Initially, I resisted. I felt like, not to react on him. But, instantly, I was reminded of my Uncle's words; he had once said me, "Ankit, you need to trust people!". He had said me this, because, once we were together paying a visit to the Siddhi Vinayak Temple, and he had asked me to put some money into the 'Daan Kund' over there, and I had refused to do any such act. We had a discussion over the same act of mine, for half-an-hour or so, and he had then made this statement, after which, I was speechless!

So, as soon as I got reminded of his words, I took my wallet in my hands, gave my friend some money, and asked him to take a ticket to Thane too, such that the old man could easily reach his intended place. I feel, my uncle's words, somewhere or the other were true, else it wouldn't have pinched me today. I realize that my responsibility is of doing the task, and not to be much concerned about the consequences of the same. If I be, then too, it's good. At times, I prefer to be a dumb, and act as the way, people expect me to, because, after all, at the end of the day, everyone would seem to be happy, and that, isn't a heavy cost to pay.

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parwana said...

Nice one! I too used to carry the same philosophy while giving alms to beggars. Why would anybody fall to such low levels of begging? S/he must be having some problem but after watching Traffic Signal, I realized that some of these people are being exploited by gangs and I stopped making my pocket lighter.