Sunday, December 03, 2006

Living Beyond Life ...

I had always wondered whether to live beyond life had any relation to being spiritual or much more beyond that!??

But today, my curiosity was very beautifully handled by Kanchan - she is one such person who I've come across since two days and is one who really thinks and perceives life in a very beautiful manner (this is what I could perceive from her blog and her testimonials at Orkut).

The title at her blog "Living beyond life..................." re-ignited the spark and after reading it, I could only say that living beyond life is not only being spiritual (or in fact not even being spiritual) rather to overcome our ignorance of what we are and where we are heading for??

She has rightly put it as Living life selflessly is the key to living beyond life and is subjected to our interests and understandings towards life.

Its always up to us, So, we need to think beyond what we are thinking, in fact to live life beyond what it is today!!

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