Thursday, December 07, 2006

With rains ... life is indeed more beautiful!

Today, while I was moving away from the campus to have the Sandwiches (they are really tasty!) which I usually have these days, - generally, after the supper - I happened to call up my friend who is at Noida these days.

While discussing certain key issues, about his decisions which he shall soon be taking, and which shall definitely bring a change to his Life, he suddenly happened to ask me "Ankit, Does the image at your orkut profile convey the happenings of the past?" and I could not resist myself and had to say "Yes, Indeed, You've got it right!"

We didn't discuss about it any further, as he knew that it would cause the clouds to rain, once again, and I sincerely Thank him for not going any further!

It reminds me about the days that have passed, - I don't feel any good to mention those days - wherein I enjoyed the Spring and then the Monsoon Festives at their best. There was no such rain, which didn't leave me the way I was!

Every drop of Water, which was poured from the sky by the Almighty was only to cover my rains - the tears rolling down from my cheeks to my lips and then the chin, and then ... (I don't know!) - and I was glad to having enjoy it.

I still remember those days, wherein my friends cared for me (they still do) and time and again asked me to get myself under the shed, but I being a bit arrogant by nature, didn't respond to them. I know they felt bad about it, but still they tried their best!

I can recall the words of my close friend, who once said to this very friend of mine, "Usse bheegney de, woh teri toh kya, kisi ki bhi nahin sunegaa! Jab bimaar padegaa tab hi ussey akal aayegi!" ... Shaayad woh akal aaj bhi nahin aayee hai!

Anywayz, I can go on, and on, and on ... But yeah, how did this stick to my mind all off a sudden??

It all happened, when I met my very very old friend Varsha at orkut, I was indeed very glad and happy to get in touch with her after a long time (not that long, but still!), and guess what?? ... the surprise to me was, even she felt the same!

We were together with each other, while we were about twelve, - yeah, I know we were just kids by then, and are still today! - and I happened to find from her profile that she too loves rains and I couldn't - once again - resist myself from updating my profile.

I am indeed passionate about rains, those rains which one loves to enjoy when one is alone, those rains which leaves one, with happiness (or sadness), those rains which makes one's heart feel much more comfortable, as ever before, ... as with rains ... life is indeed more beautiful!!

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