Monday, December 18, 2006

Writing mails ...

I have noticed a very peculiar attitude amongst people while analysing written mails. Its just that when I try to write mails following all the principles of good writing - in English - people get an instinct that I am trying to be formal with them. This has happened many-a-times, and even if I am in a very jolly mood, then it seems to them that I am in a very serious mood. It has left me with no choice at all. I really feel rediculous as to what should I be doing??

I wonder many-a-times, as whether should I stop writing by using the conventions defined, and just follow the normal cozy style of language - the creepy chat language??

Whenever I've written mails in such a fashion, it is most likely that I do get a reply from the other end, else I have to wait a lot ... Gosh!

It really ponders me whether the way one writes, ever affect what one wanted to convey or convey one's mood! And not really the style of writing, rathar the spell check and the proper grammar. Be formal in writing or jus b in4mal?

Its just that Life is beautiful and I have to understand a lot, mysteries are endless here in this life, the more it is solved, the better it is for me and others!

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