Monday, December 11, 2006

Thinking Big ...

Discussion with Sasi Sir today has made one thing - some sort of - clear as to what is Thinking Big?

Before that I would like to correlate it with a different person, he is the COO (Administration) of Syntel India Inc. (I am unable to recall his name!). I met him while I was the Amity SIFE Team Leader and had been to Mumbai in the Mid of June, 2006.

Our team had been here to participate at the final stage (in India) i.e. at the National level, wherein we had to compete with the best B-Schools in India (such as the IIM's, NMIMS, SP Jain and many more). We had done five projects which were to serve the people of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan in having supporting them to build their basic infrastructure, create economic opportunities, improving habitation etc. Our team (to our surprise) was the team 1 in the 1st slot.

It was this person who was our judge, all this happened on 18th June in the Morning, and on 19th Evening during the closing dinner, he came up to me while I was dining, and was explaining me and my team as in where we were wrong and missed the chance by certain mistakes else we would have been representing India at the International Level.

He briefly explained me that our projects and the work which we had done was excellent but we lacked one basic instinct, and that was nothing - and in fact everything - but Thinking Big!

He said me that I had given actual facts and figures - in terms on goals - that were achievable in the near future but I could not convey my long term goals, and insisted me to get to think big, and then only, I would be able to achieve it.

But today, I had a discussion with Sasi Sir regarding my TCOM evaluation sheet and guess what this blog had let him know about the problem - not really! - that I was facing. It was good to discuss with him, as I came to know wherein I had been wrong.

But the actual mistake which I had done was that I was unable to convey what were the actual steps that I was going to take and it was - perhaps - the language that was misleading him, and he said me one thing, over and again that I had the big picture in my mind and was focusing on the smaller issues that are actually negligible. (I may not be able to forget the Nobel Prize and the Classroom example which he gave me!)

All I needed was to bridge up this gap in a very coherent manner. Thinking big not only implied that we should think big - in terms of goals, or targets etc.. - and not the smaller things as well, but to actually link up the gap as to what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved! Think Big Ankit, Think Big ... !!

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