Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Repeating his words ...

Yesterday, I had missed an article - the Cosmic Uplink at the ET - on "Toughness within, manifested without" which a friend of mine repeatedly reminded me throughout the day to have a glance on it, Thanks to her!!

The author, K Vijayaraghavan, has emphasized that one has to be strong enough from within one's own self, and more importantly has to be truthful and loyal as well. He has rightly pointed out that, one should never ever be so cruel and so hasty that one forgets how to forgive? Wherein forgiveness is the most beautiful way of living life! ...

... and unless we actually master the art of forgiving, we shall hardly know the way in which we are heading towards! Moreover, hatred should not be long enough to sustain within one's heart. Actually, where does it lead to ?? Nowhere, and absolutely nowhere!!

Its just that we tend to take ourselves bound by our ego and thats the most disgusting part of our life. And also, the most toughest part today is that, we dont accept our mistakes and don't seek forgiveness, maaf karnaa toh durr ki baat hai, pehle hum maafi maangna toh seekh le !!

In the third para he has - in specific - said the most perfect thing! He briefs what and how should we react to circumstances when we become big (not in size, but in popularity!) and famous - and in fact - when we become one in thousands, he says, we should also remember that we can only be one in thousands, when we are amongst them, and even after being one of them, we have to take each one of them, together along with us.

Quoting him, "talk with the crowd and keep your virtue,/ Or walk with kings — nor lose the common touch." We have to be humble and down to earth, the perfect lesson for the day!

The next para, reminds me about what my friend Sonam used to say me during college days and thats what she repeated to me while she wrote a testimonial for me. She wrote that whenever I am in any difficulty or get frustrated, then I should just say a "Oh!" ... and simply carry on ... !!

Great thoughts to keep in mind, that are gradually inspiring my mind and hope it does get!!


Vinay said...

Hi friend, just came across your blog! Very true -"To err is human, To forgive is divine! When a person genuinely ask for forgiveness he has he already let go his ego and has decided to see in different perspective to resolve a matter or find a solution which would be beneficial to all concerned.
It needs courage to ask for forgiveness!

Vinay Raj

Ankit Dangi said...